Activities in Enchanted Patagonia

We posses a variaty of touristic activities that allow a contact with nature and the sorroundings of Puerto Natales City, Torres del Paine and Reserves.

Horseriding along Touristic Zones: (External service)

We offer horseriding activites along the Chilean Patagonia, to enjoy your holidays and stay living a great adventure along the National Parks (Torres del Paine), touristic zones and Cross Country. Puerto Natales offers the visitor spectacular views from the mountains and sea that sorrounds it. Besides, for those who love the wild life, it is possible to admire a great variety of original flora and fauna.

Trekking: (External service)

Trekking through Dorotéa and Castillo Hills, with spectacular views of Puerto Natales and its sorroundings, appropriate activity for people of all ages consisting in walking crossed country. It can be practised as a sport or simply for fun, that also helps to maintain a fit body and allows to enjoy of nature.

Garden and Greenhouse:

In Enchanted Patagonia we cultivate vegetables for the tourists delight in a beautiful organic garden. We cultivate beetroots, carrots, cabbages, lettuces, broccolis, radishes, little radishes, cucumber, tomatoes, coriander, parsley and several medicinal herbs. We possess in addition a Greenhouse where visitors can take part in the process of sowing and crop.

Bikes Rental: (External service)

Journeys and voyages on mountainbikes along the hills and Patagonian lakes. Enter the world in two wheels and know all the secrets of the bicycle to cross Puerto Natales in the safest way.